Website for GraniteGals, the podcast created and owned by Alexandra and Sage Herr. GraniteGals celebrates the women who hike New Hampshire's mountains.

Alexandra and Sage Herr are 15- and 13-year old girls who have been hiking the Four Thousand Footers of New Hampshire year-round since they were each five years old.  Between them, they have completed the Four Thousand Footers, the 52 With a View, the Trailwrights 72 peaks, and most of The Terrifying 25.  They have also completed thru-hikes of the Camino de Santiago, the John Muir Trail, and Iceland's Laugavegur Trek.  As of 2017, they have also ascended 46 state highpoints.  You can read more about Alex and Sage's hiking adventures at alexinthewhitemountains.com, sageswhitemountaintreks.blogpost.com, and trishalexsage.com.

alexandraherr@outlook.com, sage_herr@outlook.com