Carol Gardner. April 5, 2018

In this episode, we (Sage and Alex) speak with Carol Gardner about her love of the outdoors and of hiking in the Whites.  Carol is a security and computer expert/engineer.  We had a wonderful time talking with Carol and enjoyed listening to her stories of close moose and bear encounters, her love of sushi, the different types of experiences she's had with various people on the trails, and more. 

NOTE: This episode was supposed to have been released a couple weeks ago.  Unfortunately, the laptop on which we usually edit suffered a fatal accident.  We normally back up everything as we work on it, but in this particular instance, I hadn't...I (Sage) therefore had to re-edit the podcast from scratch, which is why this episode's publication was delayed.

Also note: We have been releasing one episode a month instead of the usual two lately.  This is because I had pneumonia, then Alex and I both had/are still having final exams.  In June, we will resume publishing two episodes a month.