Heather Anderson ("Anish"). November 26, 2018

Hiking legend Anish just finished her record-breaking hike of the Triple Crown (the Appalachian Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, and the Pacific Crest Trail) in less than one calendar year (close to eight months!). In this conversation, Anish talks to us about hiking in general, reflections on her most recent feat, being stalked by a mountain lion, her favorite trail foods and non-trail foods, getting too close to a momma grizzly, and more. Look for her upcoming memoir THIRST (coming this spring).

We used a new recording device for this telephone conversation; unfortunately, our voices don't have the best quality, but Anish's voice is loud and clear.


Donna Dearborn. October 15, 2018

We had a wonderful conversation with Donna Dearborn, author of the book Every Sunday: A Father and Daughter’s Enduring Connection and avid all-season hiker of the northeast and beyond. Donna talks about how she began hiking, the many lists and peaks she’s hiked, her love of winter hiking, encounters with wildlife, and more. Donna is as experienced as they come with hiking all over the nation and the world. We learned a lot from this interview, and we’re sure you will too. Get a copy of her book on Amazon; it’s a great read.

donna dearborn.jpg

Arlette Laan ("Apple Pie"). July 2018

Arlette Laan ("Apple Pie") is a hiking legend who has completed many of the National Scenic Trails, including the Triple Crown.  In this episode, Arlette speaks with Alex and Sage about some of her experiences on the trails, her doll-making business, her love of hiking in general, some animal encounters, and much more.  You can learn more about Arlette (and see some of the wonderful hiking dolls she makes!) at arlettelaan.com.

NOTE: This episode was edited by Trish Herr, since both Alex and Sage are now away for a few weeks.

Arlette Laan.JPG

Arlette Laan ("Apple Pie") with her niece, Rosalie.

Carol Gardner. April 5, 2018

In this episode, we (Sage and Alex) speak with Carol Gardner about her love of the outdoors and of hiking in the Whites.  Carol is a security and computer expert/engineer.  We had a wonderful time talking with Carol and enjoyed listening to her stories of close moose and bear encounters, her love of sushi, the different types of experiences she's had with various people on the trails, and more. 

NOTE: This episode was supposed to have been released a couple weeks ago.  Unfortunately, the laptop on which we usually edit suffered a fatal accident.  We normally back up everything as we work on it, but in this particular instance, I hadn't...I (Sage) therefore had to re-edit the podcast from scratch, which is why this episode's publication was delayed.

Also note: We have been releasing one episode a month instead of the usual two lately.  This is because I had pneumonia, then Alex and I both had/are still having final exams.  In June, we will resume publishing two episodes a month.


Gale Straub. March 5, 2018

We had the pleasure of hiking with and being interviewed by Gale Straub of the popular and female-empowering She Explores podcast...and then we got to interview Gale for GraniteGals!  It was a fun (though tiring) day on the Wildcat Ridge.

Our interview took place in our car immediately after our hike, so this episode sounds a bit more casual than usual.  We were simultaneously worn out and exhilarated from our day.  This is a fun interview and we thank Gale for sharing her time with us.  (Look for our Gale's interview of us on She Explores later this week).


IMG_3634 (1).JPG

Whitney "Tip Toe" Silberblatt

We were fortunate to be able to interview Whitney "Tip Toe" for this episode.  Tip Toe talks about her adventures on the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail, and of her love of hiking the Northeast.  Tip Toe has done the Four Thousand Footers multiple times (including winter), she has done the New England 67, and she is one of the few who has done a White Mountain Hut-to-Hut in a single 24-period.  She is also almost finished redlining the trails in the White Mountain Guidebook.  We enjoyed talking to this strong female explorer and hearing about her animal encounters, her people encounters, and her enthusiasm for hiking in general. 


Bella aka "Monk" Dalzell

Alex had the pleasure of interviewing "Monk," more formally known as Bella Dalzell, for this episode of GraniteGals.  Monk is a nine-year-old four-season hiker who hikes the Whites with her mom, Jen Lemire.  Monk currently has 15 Four Thousand Footers under her belt and looks forward to finishing the 4K list over the next couple of years.

Alex's interview with Monk's mom, Jen Lemire, can be found on your GraniteGals iTunes subscription (or the GraniteGals website, www.granitegals.org), immediately before this interview.  

Sage will be back with Alex for GraniteGals in February.

 Bella Dalzell, her mom Jen, and Alex

Bella Dalzell, her mom Jen, and Alex

 Monk and her mom, MurdaPanda (Jen Lemire)

Monk and her mom, MurdaPanda (Jen Lemire)

Jen Lemire aka "MurdaPanda." January 13, 2018

In this delightful interview, Alex speaks with Jen Lemire, aka MurdaPanda. Jen is a four-season White Mountain hiker currently pursuing the Grid, and she enjoys summit jumping and wearing a scary panda mask on the trails.  Jen also enjoys hiking with her daughter, Bella (aka Monk).  Alex also interviewed Monk; that interview will immediately follow this one.

Check out Jen's photos on Instagram -- thesummitjumper and pandamoniumonthetrails (XPandaX).

(Sage will be back with GraniteGals in February.)

 Jen, Bella, and Alex

Jen, Bella, and Alex

 MurdaPanda, Monk, and Alex

MurdaPanda, Monk, and Alex

Jen Adams. December 13, 2017

Sage interviews Jen Adams, one of her Girl Scout Leaders.  Jen is an avid outdoorswoman who recently completed her first round of the NH Four Thousand Footers, and who enjoys sharing her love of the outdoors with the next generation. 

NOTE: Alex is away from the podcast this week due to having to study for five imminent midterm examinations.  Trish (Mom and producer) edited this episode so Sage would also have time to study for her imminent-but-not-as-numerous-as-Alex's midterm exams.  Both girls look forward to rejoining forces for the next episode of GraniteGals, which will come out after the holidays.

Jen Adams.JPG

Alexandra Garcia. November 13, 2017

Alex and Sage first met Alexandra (Alex) Garcia a couple months ago in the parking lot of Mt. Washington's Cog Railway, after everyone had done various long hikes in the Presidentials.  Alex is originally from Puerto Rico and now lives in Virginia; she hikes all over the world and recently discovered a love of the White Mountains.  In this interview, Alex G. talks about her various hikes, her love of difficult pursuits, how Puerto Rican food is the best on the planet, and more.


Professor Mary Ann McGarry. October 30, 2017

Alex and Sage had the pleasure of speaking with Professor Mary Ann McGarry last Monday.  Professor McGarry is the Chair of Plymouth State University's Department of Environmental Science and Policy.  In this episode of GraniteGals, Professor McGarry discusses hiking the Four Thousand Footers, hiking with her daughter, the importance of Bicknell's Thrush, environmental science education, and much more. 

(Note -- much of New Hampshire lost power last Sunday evening, including us.  The power was just turned on in our home last night, and both Alex and Sage are trying to catch up on their schoolwork since most of their work is done over the internet.  Therefore, in an effort to help out the girls, I, Trish Herr, edited this episode of GraniteGals and posted it to this website).

Mary Ann McGarry.jpg

Allmuth "Curly" Perzel. September 10, 2017

77-year-old Allmuth "Curly" Perzel, Triple Crowner (she has hiked the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail), world trekker, and recent redline finisher (she has hiked all the trails in the White Mountain Guide) discusses her love of hiking, the adventures of redlining, the time she was benighted on Caps Ridge Trail, and much more.  We were honored to have her with us and she was a joy to interview.


Rachel Kowalsky. August 31, 2017

Rachel Kowalsky and her intrepid dog, Isis, are avid four-season White Mountain hikers who have hiked New Hampshire's Four Thousand Footers, Vermont's Long Trail, and sections of the Appalachian Trail.   Her hiking continues in spite and because of her diagnosis with Hashimoto's Disease and, more recently, rheumatoid arthritis.  In this episode, Rachel discusses her love of hiking, her experiences hiking in NH and Vermont, her adorable and trail-hardy dog Isis, and her decision to hike another round of the Four Thousand Footers for rheumatoid arthritis.

Rachel Kowalsky.JPG

Liz Wyman. July 5, 2017

In this episode, Liz Wyman talks about her hiking and guiding adventures in the White Mountains.  She discusses guiding, animal encounters, and how her knowledge in botany positively affects her hiking experience.

This is Alex; I was at camp when Sage interviewed Liz Wyman, so Sage was the sole interviewer for this episode.  Although Sage interviewed Liz Wyman, when it came time to edit the podcast, I was back from camp and did the editing myself.

 Sage interviews Liz Wyman

Sage interviews Liz Wyman